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Medical Products

Extending the Reach of Caregiving

Goldencare Home Health Agency helps seniors and their families overcome challenges faced by seniors with a full line of in-home safety devices.

All seniors want to live independently in their own homes, but nothing is more important than their own safety.

Seniors living at home alone face many risks. A fall could happen at any time, and medication could be missed, or overdosed. For those with dementia, simply wandering off or engaging in the wrong activity can put them in harm’s way. It is a dilemma many families face: balancing respect for your loved one’s independence, but fear that in between visits, the worst could happen. 

Whether aiding in response to an emergency or delivering helpful medication reminders, in-home care technology solutions ensures help is always at hand.  When combined with in-home care services, and round the clock monitoring, it's the perfect complement to in-home care services.

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Types of Home Health Care Devices

Durable Medical Equipment
TeleHealth Equipment
  • Hospital bed

  • Specialized mattress

  • Chair (e.g., geri-chair or lift chair)

  • Lift equipment

  • Commode, urinal, bed pan

  • Cameras

  • Sensors

  • Data collection and communication equipment (e.g., computer)

Medication Administration Equipment
  • Dosing equipment (e.g., cups, eyedroppers, blunt syringes)

  • Nasal sprays, inhalers

  • Medication patches

  • Syringes/sharps

First Aid Equipment
Respiratory Equipment
  • Bandages

  • Ace bandage, compression stocking

  • Snakebite kit

  • Heating pad

  • Traction

  • Ostomy care

  • Tracheotomy care

  • Defibrillator

  • Thermometer

  • Stethoscope

  • Blood glucose meter

  • Blood coagulation (PT/INR) meter

  • Pulse oximeter

  • Weight scale

  • Blood pressure monitor

  • Apnea monitor

  • Electrocardiogram monitor

  • Ventilator, continuous positive airway pressure, bi-level positive airway pressure, and demand positive airway pressure equipment

  • Oxygen cylinder

  • Oxygen concentrator

  • Nebulizer

  • Masks and canulas

  • Respiratory supplies

  • Cough assist machine

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