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Care Management

At Goldencare Home Health Agency, we understand how challenging it can be to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of loved ones as they age or become ill.  Our Care Managers can provide expert guidance, counseling and support, invaluable education and a comprehensive care plan ensuring your needs are met.  Our Care Managers act as advocates for older adults facing ongoing health issues, helping them boost their quality of life, independence and general well being.

Our Comprehensive Care Management process is as follows:

  • Develop a Customized Care Plan

  • Act as Liaison between Clients, Caregivers and Family members

  • Set goals for recovery and improvement

  • Review and manage medications

  • Coordinate Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • Review Medical, Financial and Legal Information

  • Provide Referrals to Medical Specialists

  • Provide help with insurance benefits

  • Coordinate and Monitor Care

  • Present Senior Housing Options

  • Evaluate Community and Care Plan Compliance

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